That’s right, I am currently accepting commissions! Obviously, I specialize in combining landscapes with sci-fi or fantasy elements… If you don’t see your fandom on my site, let me know, and I can create a painting specifically for you!¬†Additionally, if you really wanted a painting that was on my site, but it has already been purchased, I could certainly paint a similar version just for you.

Illicitly Illuminated was a fantasy painting commissioned for an event

Of course, if the pop-culture paintings just aren’t for you, I can also paint a brilliant landscape for you based off of your favorite place, whether it’s a beach, mountains or anywhere in between!

More coming soon, but you can email for more information or fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you!

Cork Ireland was a commissioned based off of an iPhone photograph.

Pricing varies, but a starting point would be $200 for an 11×14, $250 for a 12×24, $300 for a 16×20, or $600 for a 24×36. All of those options would come with a frame of my choosing, or unframed if you’d prefer. Custom sizes are certainly possible, but will be quoted upon request. Shipping of course would be extra, unless you live (or would like to travel to) the Atlanta area, at which point I’m happy to deliver it in person.