Happy Little Tardis Prints

Exploring the worlds created by Bob Ross, with a sci-fi twist thrown in…

Happy Little Tardis is an ongoing body of oil paintings by artist Kevin Kurz. Inspired by the Joy of Painting, this fanciful series tells the story of both creating and exploring new worlds, and examines the changes that a simple fantastical element can bring to everyday life (which is really what science fiction is all about). A familiar landscape may be transformed into something otherworldly once a TARDIS appears. Bob Ross created hundreds of different worlds over his career; of course the Doctor would want to visit them all!


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Expecto Patronum! 
Oil on canvas, 24 in x 36 in. 
The newest painting in my Wizard Views series... I finished this a few weeks ago, but never got a chance to post it. I'll have a few detail shots coming along shortly. Prints and the original are available now at www.wizardviews.com!

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Things I've learned setting up an outside booth... Dew is your enemy! Hopefully the sun will take care of that in short order! #lilburndaze
Tomorrow! Come see this and many of my other paintings at Lilburn Daze in downtown Lilburn! I'll be there from 9-5... Come say hi! Visit lilburndaze.org for maps and details.

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