Wizard Views

This is a new series I’ve just started based on the wonderful world of Harry Potter. As you may have noticed from my Happy Little Tardis series, I’m fascinated by what happens when an otherwise normal landscape has the fantastical or magical element added to it. At first glance, each of these paintings appears to be nothing more than a standard landscape… it’s only the Harry Potter fans that notice the magical aspect of them!


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Here's the finished painting from yesterday's live painting session! It's being auctioned off this weekend by Dragoncon Charity to help the American Heart Association... Stop by and see them on the bottom floor of the Marriott if you're interested!

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Live painting for charity at dragoncon! If you're in the Marriott, come by and say hi!!!
Dreaming of Past Voyages
16x20 oil on canvas
Based on a recent trip to Punta de Choro, Chile.

Original painting available at kevinkurz.com

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